West Coast Fastpitch Assoc

is a non-profit 501c3 organization founded in 2009, to promote
Fast Pitch Softball.


  West Coast FastPitch Association (WCFA) was created to provide teams and players with tournaments and training to participate in National tournament play or as individuals qualifying for our National teams. 

Teams in the association will be sanctioned by the North American Fast pitch Association (NAFA), Amateur Softball Association (ASA), and the International Softball Congress (ISCIf any, rule or article is not addressed in this constitution or bylaws, we will refer to the rules that have been adopted by NAFA/ASA. 

The league will consist of approximately 6-8 tournament weekends in an open format to allow guest teams to participate.  Each tournament will consist of 3 - 4 - 5 game guarantees for the weekend.  For three game weekends, the NAFA approved 3-game bracket will be used.  The four game weekends will consist of a three game round robin that will seed the teams into the appropriate single elimination bracket.  The 5- game weekends will be round robin.

The primary objective of the managers, players and the association is to promote
fast pitch softball

Board of Directors

The association is to be governed by a board of directors.  To carry out the best interest of the association the following positions will be established:

President: Robert M Chapel
Secretary: Claudean Chapel
Board Chairman:
Board Members:

Contact us @ wcfa@westcoastfastpitchassoc.com
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